Re-thinking History with izi.TRAVEL

girl power

On Monday, November 14th, izi.TRAVEL gave a Storytelling Workshop at the University of Amsterdam. 20 Master’s students attended, all of whom are enrolled in the course of Digital Public History taught by Manon Parry, Ph.D. The course is part of the F-site project from Van Gisteren, a Dutch breeding ground for history-related projects.


Students, working in small working groups, were assigned to a historical time period. Within that era, each working group develops multiple storylines about significant female figures and their historical footprint. The storylines will be presented on the F-site website to inform and engage high school teachers in discussing history from a female perspective within the classroom. The storylines will be available as an audio guide on the izi.TRAVEL platform.


In the workshop, the students studied a variety of storytelling techniques. They discussed the pros and cons of using dramatization, the added value of ambient sounds, using multiple storytelling perspectives and copyright issues. On November the 28th a technical boot camp will be organized to enrich the students’ skill set and enable them to use the izi.TRAVEL Content Management System.


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To be continued.