Maximise your visibility with Cross-Links!

Some of you might be asking yourselves,…”cross what?” Now there’s no need to be scared, we’re talking about something you might already be doing, or can do with very little effort.

Even though the term “cross-link” may sound as if it is difficult to understand, it is simply a piece of content present on a specific webpage, which is linked to another existing webpage. Simple enough right?

The good thing about cross-links is that not only are they great content enhancers, but they will immediately increase the visibility of your tours! How you may ask? Let’s look at 2 possible ways to get the best out of them.


Cross-Link your own tours

If you have more than one guided tour, you can link them to each other! Visitors will see all the available tours that you offer in the section “See Also”

In this way, One tour will instantly promote the other, enhancing its visibility and improving your usage rate!



Cross-Link with other tour creators

Join forces with other tour creators and promote each other by linking your tours to theirs and vice versa.

You can choose your partners in cross-linking based on either proximity (nearest attractions or museums located in your area), or interest (similar or related content) or other variables. This activity will boost the visibility and usage of your tours, because whenever anyone searches for one of your partners’ tours, they will see yours appearing in the “See Also” section and vice versa. Isn’t this a great and free way to advertise your content?


Inserting links into your tour is very easy!
Just open your CMS and add the link to either a full tour or simply to a specific object in it.

Learn how to do it here.