Let’s celebrate! 2 Million downloads!

We are happy to announce 2 more important milestones. Our mobile app has just hit 2 million users! This officially makes izi.TRAVEL the most popular audioguide app in the world! Equally important is that in May we also hit the outstanding record of 1 million stories played by our users.

This shows travellers are relying more and more on the content you provide them with your tours to explore new places and museums. Well done to all of you! This success is mostly due to your efforts and investment in producing the type of content that will really enrich the travel experience!

Do you want to know how your content contributed in reaching this milestone? We would like to remind you that with the new CMS statistics, you can easily check the performance level of your tours. Don’t forget to regularly take a look at those figures to improve your tours and increase the usage of your content.