izi.TRAVEL now supports iBeacons!

We have been asked many times if izi.TRAVEL works with iBeacons for location based stories inside museums. Now we can proudly say that it can! iBeacons are wireless, low energy transmitters that allow stories to play at the right place and time as visitors approach an object inside the museum.

Thanks to Bluetooth, izi.TRAVEL perfectly integrates with this technology, allowing visitors to filter the available audio stories and activate them only when they are ready to listen to them.
When the audio guide is launched, the app only takes 3 seconds to filter the right story at the right place. It displays a maximum of 3 stories at a time, starting with the closest object.

If your museum is using iBeacons and you would like to integrate it with your content on the izi.TRAVEL platform, get in touch with our staff. We will help you make it happen!