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Tour reveals ‘historically bold’ past of Danville’s federal building
The 107-year old federal building, which is now home of the Community Arts Center at the corner of Main and Fourth streets, has a long history of adapting to the needs of the town. And now its history, intertwined with personal stories, has been turned into a tour available to the public. (..) The tour is free in part because of support from the Boyle Landmark Trust.

Funding will support Port Macquarie Historical Society walking trail project
The Port Macquarie Historical Society is set to embark on a new historical research project that will allow people to enjoy a guided walking tour of historic sites across the Hastings. The Society will receive $3,500 in state government funding to publish a brochure that will enable tourists to explore Port Macquarie’s unique history. The brochure will have links to a free izi.Travel app, currently in development which will provide extended information, images and audio interpretation.

Take a history walk and listen with your Smartphone
Friends of Historic Kingston, in cooperation with Dutch Heritage World Tours, have released the audio tour “How Dutch Is New York? – The Kingston Stockade Tour.” Use your smart phone or tablet to walk the National Historic District of the Kingston Stockade. Download this free audio tour using the free app called izi.TRAVEL. When you walk into a GPS zone near a site, images and text will appear. You have your choice of Dutch or English language.

City built by immigrant workers whose stories are told in new, York U multi-media project
Whether high above the city on steel girders, under the ground digging tunnels, driving dump trucks or pouring concrete foundations, this city was largely built on the backs of immigrant workers. York University post-doctoral visitor Gilberto Fernandes at the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies and Department of History has just completed a multi-media research and public history project detailing postwar Toronto as it grew outward, upward and under.

Trekking from rancho to rancho, walkers take a high-tone, historical stroll through Long Beach
Hundreds of people gathered to walk from one historic Long Beach rancho to the other on Saturday, just as people would have in the old days. The first-ever Ranchos Walk 2018 took the scenic route, starting at Rancho Los Alamitos and ended in Rancho Los Cerritos — a 9.4-mile walk. The idea behind the walk? To encourage people to explore neighborhoods see sides of Long Beach you might not otherwise catch a glimpse of, even if you know the city pretty well. “As you pass through neighborhoods, you pass through historic locations you might not know were there,” said Larry Rich, sustainability coordinator for the city.

The Best Morning Walks In Sydney
When it comes to starting your day, there’s no better way to put a spring in your step than with a brisk morning walk. Sydney boasts some of the most beautiful strolls around, with stunning views of gardens, harbours and more. Check out our picks for the best morning walks in Sydney, just a short stroll from your short-stay apartment in Sydney’s CBD.

L'appli de l'été - izi.travel, des visites guidées audio selon l’endroit où vous vous trouvez (FR)
Chaque jour, Lise Pressac présente une appli bien utile pour les vacances. Ce mardi, izi.travel, une application qui propose des visites guidées audio partout dans le monde.

Bringing Connecticut's Coastal History To Your Phone
Researchers at UConn are teaming up with local history groups to create a state “Blue Trail.” The idea is to build an interactive outdoor museum on Connecticut’s coast, that’s accessible through your phone. As I stood on the banks of the Thames River, a quick scan of the horizon yielded a view encompassing centuries of history. In the distance was Fort Griswold, which fell to Benedict Arnold in 1781, before his British troops burned New London. Behind me was the Egyptian-inspired Fort Trumbull. And across the river was Electric Boat: site of many naval firsts, including the U.S. Navy’s first commissioned submarine. “What is the story of the Thames River?” asked Syma Ebbin, an associate professor at UConn.

Discovering medieval Florence
Dr David Napolitano writes about his most recent public outreach initiative, namely the design and production of two travel apps inviting tourists to discover medieval Florence. (..) The travel apps cover two walks (of 2,8 and 1,6 miles respectively) which guide a visitor through the hillside, to the south of Florence, and accompany him deep into the heart of its city centre.

Bilingual audio tour of Huguenot Street in New Paltz available
In collaboration with Historic Huguenot Street, Dutch Heritage World Tours published its third bilingual audio tour focused on shared Dutch-American heritage in New York state. “How Dutch is New York? — The New Paltz Huguenot Street Tour” is part of a larger project that promotes many Dutch-American heritage sites in the city and state of New York. It can be downloaded for free in the museum and travel app izi.TRAVEL or can be listened to online at https://izi.travel.

Curious Nature: Add Wild I-70 Audio Tour to your podcast playlist
For more than a decade, a team including biologists from Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the U.S. Forest Service and environmental nonprofit Rocky Mountain Wild has studied the movements of wildlife on Interstate 70 near Vail Pass. (..) More information about the Wild I-70 Audio Tour and the extensive collaboration can be found by visiting wildi70.org. The free tour can be accessed by downloading the izi.travel app and then searching for the "Wild I-70 Audio Tour."

UM students attend a ScienceJam in Norway
Following a seven-day field-course about climate change held last March in Olomouc, Czech Republic, students from the Faculty of Education and the Centre for Environmental Education and Research have recently attended a ScienceJam in Trondheim, Norway.  (..) Since this project is based mostly on methodologies involving place-based learning, the participants were given some tasks in different locations around Trondheim. Each task involved using different software or apps such as Survey123, WhereYouGo and izi.travel.

Ryazan Audio Guide for Foreign Tourists
Ryazan Tourist Information Centre has prepared an audio guide in English titled “Walking in Ryazan” for the convenience of foreign tourists. The route of a 2-hour excursion passes through the historical centre of the city and familiarizes the listeners with the main sights and museums of Ryazan. The tour will be an excellent help for independent travelers.

Water taxi is a wonderful way to see the sights!
Technically, a heritage park is a park without boundaries. Amy Perry, the executive director of the Thames River Heritage Park (TRHP), explains that the park is a collection of national and historic sites along two shores of the Thames River—Groton and New London—and includes restaurants, shops, galleries, monuments, attractions, theaters, and anything else within the scope of the river. This heritage park tells the story of our nation and our region over the last 400 years.

Maritime heritage trail coming to region
The University of Connecticut has announced a new $40,000 project funded by the U.S. Department of the Interior to create a maritime heritage trail in southeastern Connecticut.  The so-called Blue Heritage Trail will be focused on the Thames River Heritage Park that connects several historic sites in and near the waterway. The heritage park currently lists 18 local sites, including the Custom House Maritime Museum, Nathan Hale Schoolhouse and Fort Trumbull in New London, as well as the Avery-Copp House, U.S. Submarine Force Museum & Library and Fort Griswold in Groton. 

Ein Rundgang durch die Hauptstadt – das Weltkulturerbe schätzen lernen (DE)
Am Samstag und Sonntag jeweils um 16.00 Uhr starten beim LCTO-Auskunftsbüro am Wilhelmsplatz zusätzliche Gratistouren auf Französisch, Luxemburgisch, Deutsch und Englisch zur Entdeckung des neuen Kulturweges “Promenade Unesco”. Die Einschreibung erfolgt über die Nummer 22 28 09. Anlässlich der Pressevorstellung des neuen Weges durch Kultur-Staatssekretär Guy Arendt und Bürgermeisterin Lydie Polfer unterhielten wir uns mit Unesco Site Manager Robert L. Philippart über dieses Projekt.

Forbach : Sept monuments à découvrir en neuf langues (FR)
Le projet d’audio-guide réalisé par les élèves allophones du lycée Blaise-Pascal est devenu une réalité. En neuf langues, les jeunes retracent l’histoire de sept monuments emblématiques de la ville.

Volunteers from Friends of Kooloonbung and Sea Acres meet for conservation conversation
On a cold but sunny winter’s morning in Port Macquarie, volunteers from Sea Acres Rainforest Centre joined the Friends of Kooloonbung for a guided tour of the wonderful Kooloonbung Creek Nature Park. Friend of Kooloonbung and creator of the app, Michael Eddy said visitors can use their smartphones to access the izi.TRAVEL app. It provides information, photographs and audio commentary of features in the park as you walk around the 4.4km trail. So, even if you don’t have a knowledgeable local guide on hand, you can still have the full tour experience.

Artist Kim Goldsmith creates interactive art tour of Dubbo
Residents and visitors to Dubbo will be able to learn more about the city’s public art thanks to a new walking tour. Artist Kim Goldsmith partnered with the Western Plains Cultural Centre to develop the tour through the izi.Travel app. The tour – which includes information on the art pieces constructed by regional and international artists, photos of it being created and interviews with people like the artist –  took six months to produce, Ms Goldsmith said.

Luxembourg’s Unesco heritage gems get the full limelight treatment with the creation of a new self-guided walk. Since Thursday, walkers have been able to take advantage of the Unesco promenade, with the help of a multilingual brochure or application, which takes people from Place de la Constitution, by the Pétrusse park and through the Corniche ramparts to cross the old city.

A Self-Guided Nature Walk in Sydney’s Centennial Park with Help from the Izi.Travel App
I visited Sydney's Centennial Park in a quest to find something cool and off-the-beaten path to do with a weekend of downtime on a business trip to Australia. Perusing Google Maps for something fun to do, I stumbled upon a large green space, the Centennial Parklands, within walking distance of Sydney's Paddington neighborhood. Centennial Park looked like a promising destination for some fresh air, relaxation, and maybe a bit of birdwatching. Join me on a self-guided nature walk in Sydney's Centennial Park on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Audio walking tour explores queer, trans stories
Belonging is the key theme of an audio tour that walks people through the struggles and stories of Regina’s queer and transgender community. 
Starting in Victoria Park, “Queering the Queen City” is a 90 minute self-led walking tour that guides listeners to seven stops in Regina’s downtown, including the Regina Public Library, SGI and the Heritage Community Association.

IZI.TRAVEL - Well-known service, can become your private guide in Istanbul, Goreme, Cappadocia. The app contains a huge database of attractions with description, photo and audio tour. Automatic playback based on your location will allow you to get just the right information at the right place.

Guided Tours of Campus Sculpture during Hamilton Arts Week
Explore the outdoor sculpture of McMaster’s campus in this 1 hour guided tour with the Museum’s Education Officer, Teresa Gregorio. Bring your camera for taking pics, sharing your perspective, and an interactive way of understanding art and our relationship to it. Teresa will be discussing a handful of selected works in easy walking distance from the Museum. 

'People were afraid': Audio walking tour delves into Regina's queer history
Imagine attending a Pride Parade where people were so afraid to be out and queer that they wear masks to participate. Evie Ruddy's new audio walking tour, Queering the Queen City, brings you straight to the heart of Regina's sometimes difficult, sometimes triumphant queer history — including the city's first Pride parade in 1990.

Tenuta Carretta is located in Piobesi d'Alba, a hilly Roero area north of the city of Alba, on the orographic left of the river Tanaro. There, its business center is surrounded by a little less than 35 hectares of vineyards. To the south of the river, on the Langhe hills, the rest of the vineyards are located, with an area equal to an additional 35 hectares, for a total of over 70 hectares.

Virginia Communities Work to Preserve Black Cemeteries
On a hot Saturday in April, volunteers work under a bright sun and the noise of buzzing insects to find and remove unchecked nature and neglect from the graves of thousands of African-Americans, from everyday citizens to some of the most important leaders in local, state and national history. (..) In 2015, the city of Charlottesville gave $80,000 to the Preservers of the Daughters of Zion Cemeteryto support their work in the city-owned burial grounds. The group hopes to “restore the extant markers, to attempt to identify the many unknown burials and to share information about the known individuals buried at the historic cemetery,” alongside videos, audio tours and an active presence on social media. (another version of the same article)

Sand artist John Thiering to feature in Artwalk 2018
John Thiering will create sand art during ArtWalk fresh from his work being featured in the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony. The sand artist had a 30-second sand painting depicting the regions featured in the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony. 
“The best way to explore Artwalk 2018 is to download the Izi Travel App and check out the digital event map that lists what’s on and helps you plan your night out,” Ms Marshall said.

Almost ten years ago, I attended an exchange programme at Sophia Antipolis University in Nice. Spending a month on the Côte d’Azur, I wanted to experience things beyond the typical must-sees. The local tourism offices provided only the standard lists of tourist locations, like the Palais des Festivals in Cannes or the perfume factories in Grasse. However, the best tips I received from a co-student. Among others, he advised me to see the Villa Kerylos on the seaside between Nice and Monaco. This visit became one of the highlights of my exchange programme.

An Electronic Audio Guide is Launched in Ryazan Oblast
The electronic audio guide enables tourists to get acquainted with the history, culture and sights of Ryazan Oblast during a trip on high-speed suburban electric trains Moscow-Ryazan. You can listen to the audio tour prepared by the Tourist Information Centre of Ryazan Oblast with the use of the “izi.travel” electronic application by selecting the desired tour from the “Speaking Express Trains” series.

Enhance your travel experience
Imagine plugging in your earphones and hearing what your eyes are seeing – every detail from its history, significance, uniqueness, etc. – as you stand in front of a certain attraction at any given time, anywhere in the world. This is a dream that location specialists Informap have achieved with the exclusive Dutch innovation, izi.TRAVEL.

6 Must-Have Apps While Traveling Abroad
Taking off your plane to an out-county? You might be quite excited for each and everything you are going to do there, right? You’ve packed up your bags, kept your passports in check and you are ready to board from beginning to end with your traveling essentials. 

Museum of the Riverina: what’s on
IN 2018 the Wagga Botanic Gardens turn 50, and to celebrate, Museum of the Riverina has come up with a fun new way to explore it. A free app-based adventure tour will guide visitors around the Botanic Gardens to discover hidden treasures, rare plants and surprising facts about the site. With guidance from a smartphone, visitors can roam through some of the less-seen parts of the gardens, solving mysteries and earning points along the way. 

New app goes on tour with ‘Elephant Man’ Joseph Merrick through 1880s Whitechapel
The story of ‘Elephant Man’ Joseph Merrick is the main theme of a new audio tour of Whitechapel in the 1880s through his own eyes.

Tis the season for art, artists, galleries, and fun at First Thursdays Art Walk, Dec 7
Meet the artists, explore an array of mediums and experience new and exciting exhibits at galleries around town, including LCAD student artists and their exhibits, as part of a mentorship program with participating Art Walk galleries. For your convenience, you can download the First Thursdays Art Walk Gallery Guide via the izi.TRAVEL app.

The story of the Elephant Man re-told in an immersive Whitechapel audio tour app
The story of Joseph Merrick, the so-called 'Elephant Man', takes centre stage in a new audio tour of Whitechapel, offering an immersive history of The Royal London Hospital and Medical College through a free smartphone app.

Mini Conference: Technology in Museums Notes and Resources
We had a wonderful group of participants and presenters at this fall's HME Mini Conference on Technology in Museums. Below are notes are resources on each of the presentations.

Tuscany: the treasures of the Maremma on an app
Florence - An app to discover the treasures of the Maremma, which can be found at the 50 sites of the museum system of the Province of Grosseto, offering visitors essential information about this region rich with traditions, charm, history and nature.

An exhibition and a book on Poverty
The Museum of Richmond’s current exhibition on Poverty, looks at Richmond during the period 1600–1948, from the point of view of the poorer classes. It includes the history of Richmond’s workhouse, almshouses and the effects of the Poor Laws. With a smartphone, you can download a walking tour and visit places highlighted in the exhibition.

Solvang CVB launches new Heritage Walk app
More than 60 community leaders, hospitality industry representatives and members of the general public were introduced to the Solvang Conference & Visitors Bureau’s comprehensive 2017-18 marketing plan Thursday. A strategy of enhanced visitor engagement was outlined at the free program hosted by SCVB Executive Director Tracy Farhad, her staff and volunteer board of directors at The Landsby.

Discover Historic Goodwood
On the back of the success of the Goodwood Road streetscape celebrated on Sunday, there is now even more to enjoy which captures Goodwood’s unique history both past and present.

Lyttelton Redux at Canterbury Museum
Lyttelton Redux was conceived primarily as a way to reconnect people with their town’s early history and to link the township’s remaining buildings while Lyttelton is without its Museum post-earthquake.Working with Lyttelton Museum, Holden identified 23 historical figures who were connected to the town, from early settlers and land surveyors to a landscape artist and prominent suffragette.

Panelists and audience discuss history and future plans at UVA symposium on slavery
Voices from Southern universities and historical preservation organizations joined the University of Virginia and the Charlottesville community to discuss slavery and history as part of the Universities, Slavery, Public Memory, and the Built Landscape symposium.

It's the journey not the destination
The Mental Health Week Art Exhibition open last week and was a resounding success. “What we have noticed is that the exhibition itself was not the most important element for those who made contributions – it was the journey in being able to deliver a final piece,” Chantal Corish from Rural Sky – Realise your Potential, said.

Upper Hunter Arts Trail Weekend presents unique opportunity for locals
A UNIQUE opportunity awaits locals next month, courtesy of the Upper Hunter Arts Trail Weekend. Some 50 galleries, studios, pop up exhibitions, museums and wineries across the region – Merriwa, Murrurundi, Scone, Sandy Hollow, Aberdeen, Denman, Muswellbrook, Singleton, Vacy, Dungog, Patterson and Maitland – will be open on Saturday and Sunday, November 18 and 19.

Audio tour of Regina's Warehouse District shines light on unexpected history
The old brick buildings, fading advertising murals and local staples that make up Regina's Warehouse District are being celebrated with a new guided audio tour. Regina's Warehouse Business Improvement District commissioned the tour to shed light on the area. For Evie Ruddy, who researched and narrated the guide, there were several surprises that came up during her deep dive on the district.

The Downtown Regina Cultural Trailway is an awarding winning walking tour of the downtown core that explores architecture, events and people that were integral in the shaping of downtown. Tour highlights include: downtown’s most prestigious building, Hotel Saskatchewan; and the devastating 1912 Tornado. It also touches on importance of the downtown’s conservation district and its heritage buildings, First Baptist Church, The Balfour Apartments, Knox Metropolitan Church, The Regina Central Library, The Federal Building and The Victoria Park Building.

Revolutionizing Experiences: Henrietta Szold’s First Visit to the Holy Land Part 1
Henrietta Szold (1860 – 1945) has long been celebrated for her role in building a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The founder of Hadassah and the force behind Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, she virtually created the public health system in pre-state Israel and also ran the Youth Aliyah, which safely brought thousands of Jewish youth out of Nazi Germany and into Palestine during the 1930s. Remarkably, all these achievements occurred after Szold turned fifty. Though she had been involved in Zionist circles in her native Baltimore and later New York City, it was not until she traveled to Palestine with her mother in 1909 that she made improving conditions her life’s work.​

National and international consumers rate the visitor’s route ‘Excellent’
In 2016, 229 visitors rated the visitor’s route as very good to excellent. This resulted in our receiving the Excellent certification from TripAdvisor. We would never have achieved this without the unflagging efforts of our colleagues from the Visitor’s Centre!

Digital tour guide of Udal area of Uist
Comann Eachdraidh Uibhist a Tuath (North Uist Historical Society) along with CMC Associates Ltd have developed a digital tour guide of the Udal peninsula in North Uist. Funded by Eurostar, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar and HIE, the pilot App is free to download. The App includes recordings of local people of the area telling their stories of natural, cultural and heritage interests and memories.

Chinatown Sydney Historical Walking Tour now available on izi.TRAVEL. app
Exploring Chinatown Sydney and the Haymarket area has never been a more exciting and rewarding experience. The Haymarket Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce it’s new “Chinatown Sydney Historical Walking Tour” launched in collaboration with izi.TRAVEL. Whether you are a local Sydneysider aiming to get active and fit walking around Sydney or an exploring tourist looking for interesting places in Sydney, this is one app you must download. Discovering public art and hidden gems by foot is an incredible way to enjoy Chinatown Sydney & the Haymarket area. Available for FREE download on both Apple and Android, the izi.TRAVEL app is you own personal pocket tour guide.

Report card: Youth Summer Program 2017: a success!
Day five: On the last day of the program, Gilberto offered a shorter version of the PCHP’s walking tour “Portuguese Toronto: Early Decades” in Kensington Market. The students were able to explore the history of Portuguese immigration to Toronto on foot and through the aid of our digital companion on izi.TRAVEL. After this tour, we were received by Andrea da Costa at the Gallery of the Portuguese Pioneers

The Dead Tell the Best Stories: An App Review
Do you love interesting stories about our Cemetery’s “residents?” Of course you do! You’re following the Congressional Cemetery blog. You’re in great company, because so does Liz Ruskin, a woman who works in public radio, brings her dog Lola to the Cemetery, and has put together a truly engaging audio tour. This exclusive tour, aptly named “The Dead Tell the Best Stories,” is available on the app izi.travel, which you can find on any smartphone app store for free. 

Try using this free guided audio tour next time you're downtown Detroit
We all see the famous sculptures and monuments peppered throughout downtown Detroit during our visits, but one audio tour could help you discover just what you're looking at. Audio-D tours offers a free guided audio tour of downtown Detroit that allows users to listen to facts about historical landmarks as they stroll around the Motor City. 
see also: Tour downtown monuments with the help of a new app​

5 free things to do this week in and around Orange County
Why sit home because you don’t want to spend any money this week? Here are five things to do that cost nothing at all.

Astana offers audio tours
Free walking tours with a help of audio guide were recently launched at the Nurzhol Boulevard and the embankment of the Yessil River, according to the Astana administration’s press service. Audio tours about the main sights of the capital are available in six languages.

Heritage trails: over to you
As we come to the end of our project, we’re in Manchester, meeting local volunteer groups, museums and study centres. We’re showing people what we have produced during the project, getting feedback and encouraging them to make use of our work to start to make their own canal trails and share them.​

Neuer Audioguide leitet durch Südtirols Sternendorf

Grave concern: Local group preserves historic black cemetery
A single pink rose lies at a diagonal across the quartz headstone that has become two-toned with age in the last 125 years. The rose covers part of the inscription on Carrie Brown’s headstone, which is different from others from that time period. The Buckner family’s clustering of graves, which lies to the west of Brown’s—all have the same phrase: “Gone but not forgotten.” Brown’s last message to the world, written in a delicate cursive font, reads, “Left my home but not my heart.”​

Our Jane’s Walk “Portuguese Toronto: Early Decades” is tomorrow

Decoration Day honors the dead at Daughters of Zion Cemetery

Yerevan municipal museums are at izi.TRAVEL platform

Castles and Roses: University of Brighton research project

L’Istituto “Cipolla-Pantaleo-Gentile” presenterà le audioguide per lo sviluppo turistico nella Valle del Belìce

I luoghi più belli di Paternò su Izi Travel

Secrets, scandals and underground pubs: the Manchester canals with a murky past