Improve user satisfaction with navigational stories

When listening to audio guides users spend a lot of time looking at their smartphones instead what’s around them. While smartphones connect us to the world and have great entertainment functions, it is refreshing to be able to put your phone away and immerse yourself in the experiences around you. How can you set the hands of your users free and deliver an even better experience with your tours?

izi.TRAVEL offers navigational stories, which are meant to guide users along an audio guide route without looking at the map on their screen. Once starting your tour, visitors will be guided directly by your voice through automatically triggered navigational stories placed in between sights. Visitors will finally be able to enjoy the walk as a local, without the hassle of looking at phone screens or maps.

Adding navigational stories gives your tours an extra value that users will be happy to mention in their reviews! You can find instructions on how to implement navigational stories on izi.TRAVEL Academy.