“I have my own app, why should I publish on izi.TRAVEL?"

“That’s great…but we already have our own app ”- our staff has heard more than once, especially while talking to museum experts. Well, we have good news for you:

  1. Publish your content on izi.TRAVEL, we don’t need to be “exclusive”
  2. We both have the same goal: making your content available to as many people as possible, no matter how many platforms you use
  3. Likely, your content will publish on the izi.TRAVEL app with no changes

Having your own app doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t use izi.TRAVEL to publish your audio guides, on the contrary the platform can also help boost the number of your users. How? That’s easy. The current users of your audio tours are likely your current visitors, who are interested in using your content during their visit. izi.TRAVEL offers you the opportunity to reach new, potential visitors. With over 1,5 million users of the smartphone app and about 100k monthly users of the web application, adding your tour to the platform can really make the difference in bringing your brand to the attention of a wider audience of art and travel enthusiasts.

Moreover you can transfer your existing content to the izi.TRAVEL platform in a matter of clicks. According the number of items included in your audio guide, you can choose for a manual or an automated upload.  If your audio guide contains less than 100 items, we recommend you upload  the files manually into our intuitive CMS, by simply “attaching” images, texts and audio or videos directly from your computer. If, instead, you need to import more items and would like us to provide you with an automated solution that fits your operating systems, contact our staff. Our platform can already interact with Adilb, furthermore we can help you importing your content directly as TourML.

If you have your own app or are providiing your visitors with traditional audio guides on rental devices, there are still lots of good reasons to share your content on izi.TRAVEL. By publishing your tours also on our open platform you will not only be able to broaden your audience, but also invite millions of users to download your official app and live an even better experience with your museum or attraction. Can you still think of a good reason not to use it?