Fun Things to Do in Florida with Kids of All Ages



Florida is a magnificent living and travel destination for anyone who enjoys year-round summer, a laid-back lifestyle, sunny beaches, and a diverse community. Therefore, many families choose to spend their holidays in the Sunshine State. The opportunities for spending quality time are immense if you know where to look. Planning an enjoyable time for a big family can be a challenge if you don't know the location well. In order to create splendid memories, every member should have a say in the choice of activities. Thus, before making a list of the fun things to do in Florida with kids of all ages, find out what Florida's popular family-friendly destinations you should not miss.

Things not to miss in Orlando

Orlando thrives in entertainment possibilities, from SeaWorld and Kennedy Space Center to ICON Park. Fun and education hardly go in one sentence, but not when it comes to Orlando's options. If you have a family of cinephiles, you mustn't miss Universal Studio Park. It will thrill them to experience the magic firsthand in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Your kids would never forgive you if you visited Orlando and missed the world-famous attraction - Walt Disney World. Give your kids the opportunity to meet their heroes and evoke your childhood memories.


Florida Keys Fun Adventure

Picking a single place for fun things to do in Florida with kids is hard. The state is full of family-friendly activities that would surpass anyone's expectations. However, if you want to pick a place of fun, outdoor activities, relaxation and adventure, visit the Florida Keys. This archipelago is famous for sandbar islands, mangroves, and magnificent sunsets that would leave everyone breathless. It is the perfect getaway from bustling city life, with its slow pace, artsy villages, family-friendly restaurants, miles of healthy forests, and unique biodiversity. This southern Florida area sustains eco-tourism and fishing, and it's one of the least polluted places in the country. Florida Keys beaches are rare ones where you can swim with the dolphins in their natural habitat. Thus, no wonder these beaches are often compared to the top 5 beaches in the world.

Frost Science Museum in Miami

Miami might be famous for its beaches, high-class lifestyle, and exciting nightlife. Still, the Magic City has plenty of unique and fun activities for kids of all ages. If you have kids that don't like school much, visiting Frost Science Museum in Miami will be the perfect opportunity to kickstart a positive change. The complex of science laboratories, aquariums, planetariums, and rotating exhibitions will thrill everyone, regardless of age. But the main thing about it is the opportunity for your kids to experience science on their own! The museum has no "don't touch" signs, and everything is interactive.

St. Augustine's historical vibe

If you'd like to spice up your vacation with some history, St. Augustine is the destination you shouldn't miss. The Nation's Oldest City is known for its historical landmark, pristine beaches, boat tours, and cobblestone streets. Places like Marineland Dolphin Adventure, Colonial Quarter, Fort Castillo De San Marcos, Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park, and Pirate Museum are immense sources of enjoyment for all ages, so you can be sure your family will love them. Alternatively, you can check out the Alligator Farm, where you'll see and learn about these magnificent predators.

Enjoy the Palm Beach Wildlife

Life in big cities means a lot of stress, and often we don't have the time to rest our minds and bodies properly. And what better way is to relax than by resting in a hammock, sipping a cocktail, and occasionally dipping into the ocean in Palm Beach? However, Palm Beach County has a lot to offer for every age, whether it's animal sanctuaries, museums, or themed parks and outdoor adventures. In the era of technology, we should use every opportunity to connect with nature. Introduce your family to scaly, furry, and feather creatures in the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary, a place dedicated to the preservation of animals and natural sources. In addition, you can trail through Riverbend Park, explore various Florida nature habitats, and go canoeing, bicycling, or kayaking with your loved ones.


Destinations for ultimate water adventures

It's well known that Florida is full of different parks and outdoor opportunities for those into water sports. Even though you wouldn't do wrong when opting for either of those, it's important to narrow down the selection to a couple of the most family-friendly places with various sports at your disposal. For exploring the waters with kids, those would be fishing, kayaking, snorkeling, scalloping, and diving. If water fun is your priority when picking a vacation destination, consider some of these Florida spots:

  • Port St. Joe, North Florida,
  • Charlotte Harbor, Southwest Florida,
  • Pensacola, Western Florida,
  • Windermere, Orange County
  • Islamorada, Florida Keys

Each of these destinations would be a perfect vacation choice, whether you're traveling solo or with family. Unlike big cities like Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and Jacksonville, here you can stay off the grid and have a peaceful relaxation.

Final thoughts

Florida has always been a trending family destination since every big city or small town has something to offer. If you're planning a road trip, you should check as many places as you can to give your loved ones once-in-a-lifetime memories. However, if you decide to visit only one area, you won't do wrong either. Fun things to do in Florida with kids of all ages are found everywhere in the Sunshine State. Still, to make the experience complete, create a detailed travel itinerary. Vacations with kids are great but also exhausting in the tourist season. Thus, maybe some of Florida's hidden gem attractions will suit you more instead.



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