€7.5M EU Grant Programme for Storytelling. Deadline 24 apr 2018

Dear Content Provider,

We know from our experience that many of you are seeking an opportunity to combine the pleasure of developing guided tours with the opportunity to build a professional career in this area. Or, if you are an educational institution, you are seeking an opportunity to fund your projects for students.

To our knowledge, the most successful content providers of izi.TRAVEL use all sorts of grants and sponsorship support. Apparently this is one of the most appropriate means of financing in the mobile storytelling industry.

Hereby we inform you about a new European grant you can use to fund your projects in mobile storytelling. See the link here: http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/creative-europe/funding/support-training-2018-eacea092018_en

There are two methods to apply:

  • Join a consortium
    If you are just a school, or a standalone museum consultant who does not have resources to run the full-scale application for €50-500k grant – but would like to join the existing project – please contact us and we will try to incorporate you into one of the existing consortiums. In such a case, you will get a small (€1000-€5000) grant for your activities without much efforts

  • Build a stand alone Application
    If you have a good (preferably education-related) idea which requires larger funds, you can apply yourself, but you will get our support in the preparation of your proposal. The following text is dedicated to this second option.

If you are not located in a EU country or associated country you still can be accepted, please read this section of the call announcement:

We know that not all of you are experienced to participate in the European grants. Don’t  worry: We can help you, as we do have an experience in this trade. If you need our help, please contact Alex Tourski at alex.tourski@izi.travel

Who do we recommend to participate?:

  • Schools and Universities

  • Consultants and institutions in art and culture

  • Professional Storytellers (incl. journalists, radio-journalists etc)

  • Museums, parks, botanical gardens, archaeological sites

  • Local tourism businesses (tourism boards, hotels, public transport, mobile operators, tour operators, consultants)

  • Government institutions in culture&heritage, tourism, education

Let us briefly summarize and comment on this call for proposals for you:

  • €7.5M will be distributed between 55 grants. We recommend to apply in the range from €30k to €750k, €150k being the most appropriate

  • The call suggests that your efforts be in the educational field. This may sound “out of your scope of work”, but be aware that the European grants could and should be “interpreted” to be applicable to your case. We are sure that almost any of your projects has an educational component, since mobile storytelling requires extensive co-operation of multidisciplinary stakeholders.

  • Make these educational goals the core of your proposal: E.g. if you plan to launch a storytelling project in your area, you can construct the Proposal in the following way:

    • Announce that your purpose is to promote a new form of Public-Private Partnership, called Storytelling Smart City. It will develop capacities of many storytellers and promoters, create lots of new jobs and attract more tourists to your area.

    • In order to launch this project a vast educational programme has to be launched for ALL stakeholders: museums, parks, universities, historical societies, individual storytellers, human guides, tourist authorities, public transport, restaurants, hotels, mobile phone operators, tour operators, sponsors etc.

    • As the training should be done with real-life examples, you have to develop a lot of tours with your “students”

    • In order to enroll enough students/professionals into your courses you have to run a massive promotional campaign in your area, so that you get all major stakeholders interested in your mobile storytelling courses.

    • You may even consider announcing a small sub-grant programme yourself! E.g. “€1000 to the 20 winners of the call for proposals to make guided tours in our area!

    • You may consider partnerships with the local university, museums, tourist authorities in this call. As a result, you get a full-fledged consortium

  • The grant will cover 60% of the project costs. Please note that it is not required to invest 40% in cash. You have your running costs (building, accounting, employees etc). You claim that you invest “in kind” and register your running costs as your investment

Finally, as we expect that many of you may try their efforts in this call, some of you will be located in the same city. Therefore please contact us even if you plan to apply yourself: we will let you know who else is thinking about building up a consortium, and together you will make it!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask for support, you will get it!

The izi.TRAVEL Team.