Create the perfect audio files using your own devices

Many would argue that the best results can only to be achieved by professional narrators in expensive sounds studios. We beg to differ! Follow our tips and we will help you achieve great results with no extra costs!

Choose the right person. A well-modulated voice can keep listeners focused on your stories. Using a variety of voices is also very effective in keeping the audience hooked to your tour. Get inspired by listening to this example:

Before recording, make sure you choose a quite and well isolated room in order to avoid annoying background noises. To improve the quality of your recording and get rid of unwanted noises and imperfections, we recommend you to download Audacity, an audio editor program. For some extra tips, please read here.

Sometimes even if the audio has been recorded nicely, you can still find yourself experiencing a volume that is too low for proper usage. You can easily solve this problem and many other smaller issues by reading here