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This post is an overview of inspiring chocolate tours on izi.TRAVEL

Jacques Torres Chocolate Museum
New York's first ever chocolate museum! Visitors will discover in the 5,000 sq. foot museum the story of chocolate and its journey from tree to bar through a self-guided tour of original artifacts, eight premium tastings including original Mayan hot chocolate freshly ground by hand, and a bon-bon making demonstration, offering an educational – and delicious - experience for families, children, and chocolate lovers.

Geneva for Chocolate Lovers
Geneva is chocolate lovers town boasting century old family run chocolate shops. Geneva's "Master" chocolate chefs proudly respect the Swiss tradition and quality in their products. I prepared this tour through Geneva to pinpoint my favorite chocolate shops, tell you about the Geneva chocolate specialties, what to taste and included some stories that highlight chocolate making, how to store your chocolate, and the history that led Switzerland to become the world reference in quality chocolate.

York: chocolate, Vikings, ghosts & kings
We're starting our walking tour at the York Brewery which is close to the train station, park and ride system and numerous car parks. We'll chat about the chocolate, meet some vikings, look out for ghosts and hear about murderous kings on this tour, but first of all let's talk about the renowned York Brewery. 

Choco-Story Paris - The chocolate Museum
Think you know everything about chocolate? Here's your golden ticket to someting new!

Choco-Story Brussels
A museum that will make you melt with pleasure! Located in a classified house close to the Grand Place, Choco Story Museum invites you to a trip in the chocolate world. From the cocoa bean to the famous belgian pralines, chocolate will disclose. Several tastings are included in the visit: cocoa butter and massa but also different types of chocolate (with different percentages and different origins) A chocolate master will show you how pralines are made.