A story a day….

Social media is a powerful way to promote your activities, so why not use it to promote your tours? Sharing your content on Facebook or Twitter will improve your visibility and show your audience that you are working hard to provide them with better services.
You can do this directly from the izi.TRAVEL website and app, and easily share a full tour or single stories, on your company’s social page.
Let us give you a nice success story.

Last March, the Louwman Museum of The Hague (The Netherlands), started an intense tour promotion through its Facebook page, sharing one different story of their tour, every day.

The promotional activity lasted 4 weeks and brought the following results:

    +36 new organic likes on the museum’s FB page
+12% daily engagement rate

The tour usage did even better!
During the activity, the Louwman Museum Tour registered + 64%  views and a whopping +150% plays.
What’s even more interesting is that these good results were also maintained in the following months.

Would you like to give it a try and move your number up? Let us help you getting started! Contact us!