5 Tips for Maximum Exposure. How to Present Your Collection

What are the key ingredients to a successful exhibition? How can you make a lasting impression? Maria Antsiferova, our content manager at izi.TRAVEL, discusses things like storytelling, selecting and arranging the items on display and reaching your audience in the most effective way.


Every successful exhibition tells an appealing story. Carefully selecting specific items to support your story is crucial. Together, these items should form a cohesive whole. Their arrangement and presentation - conventional or more contemporary - adds to the message you want to convey.

Off to a Good Start

We all know the importance of making good first impression. The same goes for the first item you put on display. It should make a bold statement, which instantly grabs the audience’s attention. The opening item will kick start the rest of the exhibition.

Something to Remember

The final set of items will round up the story you are telling. Give the audience something they can take home, a bit of food for thought. You could do this by referencing to modern life. Why not establish a link between the items on display and current events?

Broad Audience

Telling an appealing story starts by knowing your audience. Who are you speaking to? Try to maintain a broad perspective. Why focus on one particular group when you can reach all kinds of people? Keep in mind that a solid story will inspire everyone.

Reaching Your Audience

Within a comprehensive exhibition you can still target specific audiences. Organising special activities, tours or developing audio guides lets you reach these groups. It gives you a chance to meet their individual needs. An Asian tourist might have different interests than a local student. Be creative in your solutions.

How do you get your message across? Let us help bring your stories to life. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Maria Antsiferova and learn more about our audio guides for museums and city tours.