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Welcome to the Monastery of Santa Maria la Real of Nájera.
Through this audioguide you will get a closer look into the history and the treasures of this monument.
The history of this monastery is strongly linked to that of the kingdom of Nájera, a realm that emerged during the “Reconquista”, the Christian reconquest of the territories under Muslim rule. It was first linked to the kingdom of Pamplona and then to the kingdom of Castille.
Nájera city became the capital of the Kingdom of Pamplona-Nájera in the tenth century, when the Caliph of Cordoba, Abderraman the III besieged and destroyed the city of Pamplona. The kings of the Jimena dynasty held court here until the lands of Nájera were claimed by the king of Castile a century and a half later.
The Monastery of Santa Maria la Real was founded by King Garcia Sanchez III as a place of eternal resting place for his dynasty. He established a church with a monastery so that the monks would for prayers for his soul, and endowed it with many properties that extended all the way to the Cantabrian coast. This rich heritage made the monastery was fabulously wealthy, which in turn attracted great calamities.

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  • Dango

    4 out of 5 rating 08-09-2020

    Una visita excelente. Es una pena que por el covid no se pueda subir al coro. La audioguía es muy completa

  • Silvia

    5 out of 5 rating 07-22-2020

    Merece la pena una visita a este gran monumento. Muy bien explicado

  • Carmen

    5 out of 5 rating 07-06-2020

    Este monasterio ha sido muy bonito e interesante. Lo que más me ha gustado ha sido la parte de la iglesia.

  • Ana

    5 out of 5 rating 02-18-2020

    es una joya, bonito patrimonio para el pueblo de Nájera.

  • Miguel

    2 out of 5 rating 02-14-2020

    El narrador debería estudiar más. La Historia no se puede modificar y la mejor prueba son los escritos y escudos esculpidos en piedra. Señores, ahí está la historia del Reino de NAVARRA, no del de Nájera. Un reino milenario no puede esconderse bajo un punto de vista "chauvinista" y local como pretende ser el llamado reino de Nájera.

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