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Welcome to the Slovenian Alpine Museum. The building was erected in 2010. The architects designed it so as to resemble an enormous mass of rock, an alpine dairy farm, and a modern mountain cabin all in one. It houses an interactive display and collection of artefacts telling the story of Slovenian mountaineering and alpinism.

You are welcome to begin your exploration with the short, introductory film “The Light of the Mountains” in the Triglav auditorium. On your way there or back don't forget to make a short stop at the Snežnik room, where only the brave dare to take a 3D look down the sheer 200-metre drop from the Sphinx on Triglav’s North Face.

The staircase opposite the reception will take you to the starting point of your “mountain ascent” or the permanent display. There you will embark on a unique journey through the history of Slovene mountaineering. The walk along the museum trail will lead you past several stories and motifs inviting people to enter the mountain world. You will get to know the first mountain organisations, find out more about the first trail-building techniques and trail markings, the first mountain guides, the mountain flora and fauna, the accidents, mountain shelters, and the daring few who have been brave enough to set foot on the highest mountains in the world. The audio footage, the film and the exhibits on display keep the memories alive.

If you want to make your stay even more memorable follow the museum mountain trail, marked out by a grey line on the floor and the typical red and white target waymarks, invented by Aljož Knafelc in 1871, just next to it. It links seven computers also marked with the distinct Knafelc marking and a green arrow on the base. The adventure begins by choosing a destination – one of the mountains at the first computer, titled “Choose your Mountain!”. Place the white magnetic card on the reader and follow the instructions on the screen. Then follow the grey line and try to find five other similar computers with different tasks scattered around the exhibition. Each correct answer imprints a stamp on the card. You will find out just how successful you were along the way at the end of your ascent – at the final computer, titled “A shout from the mountain top”. There you can complete your “hike” by printing out a postcard with the stamps gathered, and slowly make your descent to the reception, where you are kindly asked to return the magnetic card.

May your hike be full of adventure and exploration, (…) and good luck.

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  • janez

    5 out of 5 rating 08-18-2020

    Great museum! worth of visiting.