The Stoop Storytelling Series

The Stoop Storytelling Series is adapting their podcast to tell location based stories from individuals who live in Baltimore.
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The Stoop Storytelling Series is a popular event in Baltimore in which 7 people get 7 minutes each to tell a true, personal tale on a shared theme in front of a live audience.

Guided by the motto, "Everyone has a story. What's yours?," The Stoop's mission is to showcase the extraordinary stories of "ordinary" people. These stories are not read or memorized or performed. They’re shared.

Stoop shows are intimate and surprising, wonderful and weird, hilarious and heartbreaking.

Since its founding in 2006, The Stoop has featured the stories of more than 600 Baltimoreans onstage. Listen to these stories by clicking Past Shows — or viaPodcast.

In addition to its mainstage shows, The Stoop presents Special Events, Workshops, and Second Stoop open mic evenings. If you’d like to bring The Stoop to your venue or organization, email