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Welcome to the Printing museum of the Armenian National Library. In 2012 we celebrated the 500th anniversary of the Armenian printing, and the Printing museum was established to introduce prominent Armenian printers and to present the evolution of Armenian printing in different parts of the world.The museum creates in the Armenian National Library which is the largest cache of Armenian printed. The collection includes exhibits on antique books, history of Armenian printing, printing equipment, clichés, printing machines.The museum presenting the first printed Armenian works. The first book Urbatagirq (Friday book), which was published in Venice in 1512. The first Armenian Bible was published in Amsterdam in 1666-1668, the first Armenian printed map “Large World Map” was published in Amsterdam in 1695, the first Armenian periodical Azdarar (The Monitor Monthly) was published in1794-96 in Madras. The hall Diaspora of Armenian printing representing the Armenian printing centers which was the significant role in the history of Armenian printing. Here you can find brief history of printing centers.
The museum is full of new technologies which creates an interactive environment for informal education.

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  • Ann

    5 out of 5 rating 07-22-2021

    Очень уютный музей с интересными экспонантами и замечательными сотрудниками. Стоит посетить! Уверена, каждый найдет чему удивиться!

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