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The first Museum of Slavic mythology exists in Tomsk since 2007. He is located in a private three-storey building in the historic part of the city behind Voskresenskaya hill. The Museum today is a centre of Slavic culture in Tomsk.
The heart of the Museum - art gallery - private collection of works of recognized Russian artists on the theme of Slavic mythology. This is the original easel paintings, drawings and works of Russian decorative and applied art on the motives of Slavic history, mythology, epic stories, Russian fairy tales and customs.
We collect, exhibit and promote the work of contemporary artists who continue the tradition of national romanticism Century Vasnetsov, I. Bilibin, N. Roerich and other. More with the Museum's collection and biography of our masters, You can see the Museum's Collection (link).

In Museum there are individual and group tours in Russian and English, about each picture has a description in English.

The souvenir shop
The souvenir shop of the First museum of Slavic mythology exists since 2007, when the museum itself was opened.
During this time many rarest things, which one can't buy anywhere in the city, appeared in the shop showcases.
The museum staff sacredly keep the main concept of the souvenir shop – only traditional Russian products of national crafts directly from its producers are sold. There are no accidental goods.
In the souvenir shop excursions are organized, foreigners admire the place and Russians are proud of their culture.
Where else in Tomsk you can buy a wedding gift with a strong sense and century traditions, get advice on Slavic charms, find more than 50 types of Russian nesting dolls and choose exclusive gifts of museum level for business partners…
Please, have a look at the part of goods, which you can buy or order at the souvenir shop. And welcome to the First museum of Slavic mythology!

Fill your life with a miracle! In Mythological workshop are interesting and informative workshops! You can take away or give someone a little miracle, made with your own hands! Come, create and learn more about the history and culture of Russia!
The special skills of the participants is not required. All materials are in the classroom. The average duration 50-90 minutes.
Every Saturday and Sunday the Museum hosts regular workshops. Anyone can come to class and create your masterpiece! Our workshops will be interesting to everyone: young and old! Schedule and cost you can see in our website (timetable), or call us.
Daily conduct group and individual workshops by appointment, more info on phone: (3822) 210-333.

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  • 12, Zagornaya Street, Boloto, Октябрьский район, Tomsk, городской округ Томск, Tomsk Oblast, Siberian Federal District, 634050, Russia
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  • Marta

    5 out of 5 rating 03-07-2020

    Великолепное музей 💘

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    4 out of 5 rating 08-16-2018

    temática muy original

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    5 out of 5 rating 12-27-2017

    потрясающе! вдохновляет. хочется детям читать русские сказки. спасибо музею.

  • Елена

    5 out of 5 rating 09-28-2017

    Экспозиция очень понравилась, очень красиво и интересно! Лучше выбрать побольше свободного времени и детально все изучить!

  • Ирина

    5 out of 5 rating 09-06-2016

    Такое невообразимое волшебство! Просто слов нет!

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