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Welcome to an audiotour of the Rock and Mineral Garden at the VA Department of Forestry in the Fontaine Research Park here in Charlottesville, VA. This tour was developed by Rivanna Master Naturalist Marilyn Smith as a supplement to the Spring 2021 Virginia Master Naturalist training class on Geology.

This self guided tour is designed to be taken on site using the free izi.TRAVEL app, but can be viewed at home as well using the izi.TRAVEL website, found in the link below.

Let's review a few handy hints on how to use this app. 
After downloading the izi.TRAVEL app from your phone's app store, search for the Educational Rock and Mineral Garden using EXPLORE..... OR, if your phone's LOCATION is on, the tour will automatically show under nearby tour options.

On the home page, you will have the option of downloading the tour, which we recommend by using available wifi, to avoid unnecessary cellular conflict or costs. However, it is not necessary. 

There are twenty (20) stops, designed to be heard in order, and each of which you will have the freedom to listen to at your own pace.

Now let's review the interface which is pretty intuitive, with the standard PLAY, STOP, and two arrows that advance to the next stop or go back to the prior stop. But, keep in mind, you can also go forward or back just by swiping. There is a small INFORMATION icon below the title of each stop that when selected will provide some text about that stop as well. Use the back function to return to the main page whenever you leave that page.

Your phone controls volume, and you can choose to either use earbuds, bluetooth, or just simply listen as if you're on a phone call. There is just one photo per stop which if you're on site you won't need as you'll have the real thing right in front of you. It's best simply to listen, and Marilyn will guide you along the garden path.

Directions to the Garden (900 Natural Resources Dr, Charlottesville, VA 22903)

Website version of the tour

There are several other local tours of natural history interest on the izi.TRAVEL app. We hope you will explore those as well.

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  • 938, Natural Resources Drive, Nob Hill, Albemarle County, Virginia, 22903, United States


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