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Hello and welcome to the Victoria and Albert museum. Today you will explore the riches the Fashion Gallery: the gallery that accommodates one of the most significant and extensive fashion collections in the world! Many fashion lovers and aspiring designers visit the museum to look at this very collection for inspiration, to learn or just to gaze upon. Or maybe you are here for a little bit of both?

Fashion is all about expressing who you are. Today we are used to wear what we want. We wear clothing to express our identity but fashion started as a statement of class. The right style and fabrics used showed where you belonged in society. The fashion from back then sometimes looks a bit funny in our eyes, with its extreme wide dresses, playful prints or tight corsets. But is our idea of fashion and beauty so different? Or how far we are willing go to achieve the ideal?

We will take you on a journey of three centuries of fashion history. From the great and marvelous mantua dresses of the 18th century, to the little swinging dresses from the roaring twenties, to the ensembles of fashion designers today like Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Excited? Good! Let’s start and begin our journey!

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  • Oxana

    5 out of 5 rating 10-17-2017

    Очень интересные рассказы для девочек :)

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