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Welcome to the Reading Room of the Brody Learning Commons. If you are in a large room with floor to ceiling windows, several rows of desks, and a set of laboratory cabinets against one wall, you've come to the right place. This tour highlights a number of the objects featured in Archaeology of Knowledge, the installation by contemporary artist Mark Dion held inside of these three cabinets. Using the products of my research into our university collections, this tour will discuss the ways in which Johns Hopkins institutions and the City of Baltimore are related to both each other and the world.

The Brody Learning Commons is the newest of the Sheridan Libraries at the Johns Hopkins University. Designed as a library of the 21st century, the Learning Commons offers new technology, space, and resources to students and faculty at the university. In 2011, the university commissioned a new work by contemporary artist Mark Dion, who began a search through the archives of the university for objects that represented the process of gaining and creation of knowledge at the Johns Hopkins University. 

This installation is meant to model a cabinet of wonder, or wunderkammern, and contains over seven hundred artifacts from the collections of the Johns Hopkins University. The objects are displayed in three cabinets formerly belonging to the laboratory of Dr. Saul Roseman. This audio tour will discuss how these objects from all over the world and all over Baltimore came to be a part of the creation of knowledge here at Johns Hopkins.


Written, recorded and produced by Anne Hollmuller, KSAS '18. Sponsored by the Johns Hopkins University Program in Museums and Society, the MuseWeb Foundation, and izi.Travel.

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  • Remsen Hall, Tyler Terrace, Baltimore, Maryland, 21211, United States


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    5 out of 5 rating 09-11-2019

    I have read a small part of this webside. After read I have learn something new . I will read more for best knowledge. But best will visit the sites. Before travel you can read what should do before travel anywhere. Here I have left a link I think it will help you.

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