Travel Communications

Our Company specialises on audio guides, tour guides and content creation for museums, exhibitions and tours

We started our work in 2008, when we opened our office in Prague (Czech Republic).

From the very beginning we specialise on everything connected to information in tourism. We use modern technology to help tourists in learning about the city or exhibition and gaining as much experience as they can from their trip. In order to do so, we use audio-guides, mobile platforms and our own experience in creating informational content for tours and exhibitions.

For several years, we have been official distributors of the following companies:
- RSF (France): audio-guides, tour-guides, light, sound and content for tours and exhibitions This Company is the world leader and innovator in the field of informational solutions for museums, tours and exhibitions

- VOX Network (Italy): a company that provides radio equipment for tourist groups It is very progressive and easy-to-use service for guided tourist groups. VOXtours holds leading position in this market all around the world

-, where we provide the whole cycle of content creation for tours, from preparing an interesting text through the final step - tour creation.

We offer a professional approach, organised work and qualitative results both for our partners and their clients.

We are ready to cooperate with those who are interested in information technologies in tourism.

See you soon!