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Dear visitors of the museum! To your attention an audio resource with a verbal description of works of art from the collection of the Abylkhan Kasteev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

 A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts  of the Republic of Kazakhstan is located in a three-floored building. The total area of the building is 19600 square metres. The building was designed by Kazakh architects Elsa Kuznetsova, Olga Naumova and Boris Novikov. For visitors the building of the museum was opened in 1976. In 1984, the museum was named after the Kazakh artist, the founder of the Kazakh national school of painting Abylkhan Kasteev. There are 14 exposition halls in the museum.

The building is rectangular with a patio. Its name is "Garden of Museum". Exit to the garden is through a bypass gallery of the second floor. There are flowers and trees in the garden. Outside, the building is faced with ceramic tiles of beige color. The architecture of the building is expressive with its figurative volume. It has vertical ledges, in which window apertures are built.

In front of the central entrance to the museum there is the monumental sculpture of A. Kasteev. The author of the sculpture is Nurlan Dalbai. There are two benches and a green lawn near the sculpture.

The entrance to the museum is through an open canopy. The canopy is set on six columns. Under the canopy there are wooden benches. In front of the canopy one can see large flowerpots, standing in a row. Around the museum there is a green area – grass and many trees. In addition, in front of the central entrance there are fountains on both sides. On the left, near the fountain there is a spreading willow.

The foyer is a large space of two floors. Opposite the entrance there is a staircase leading to the halls of the museum. To the left and right from the stairs there is an entrance to the lecture hall. On the left the ticket office and the information center is located. Further along the corridor there are a cloakroom and a staircase leading to the exposition on the third floor. Opposite the cloakroom is the toilet. On the right there is a boutique with souvenir products of the museum. If one goes a bit further, there is an art studio "Indigo".

Floors and walls in the foyer and in the opening hall on the second floor are marble. In the other halls the floor is parquet.

The ceiling of the opening hall is crowned with a pyramid made of glass of almost 30 meters high. The exposition halls of the third floor are also additionally lighted with the same pyramids of glass, but much smaller.

 Currently, A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the largest art museum of the country and is the leading research and cultural and educational center in the field of fine arts.

The audio excursion with a verbal description of the works of art was executed by the "Arzhan" Social Foundation in cooperation with the Moscow branch of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, A. Kasteyev State Museum of Arts  and the Republican library for blind and visually impaired citizens in the framework of the project "Accessible museums". The authors of the verbal descriptions are Natalia Bazhenova and Gulbarshyn Balgozhina.

Sound producer is Almaz Kulbasov. Narrator is Almaz Kulbasov, Laura Romasheva and Maher Sharif.

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  • Три Самурая, 20, Набережная Хамита Ергалиева, Коктем 1 микрорайон, Бостандыкский район, Almaty, 50040, Kazakhstan


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  • Егор

    5 out of 5 rating 06-15-2017

    Аудиогиды для слабовидящих людей – очень достойная тема. Ведущие музеи мира сечас активно работают над подобными экскурсиями для людей с ограниченными возможностями и так здорово, что Алма-Атинский музей в числе передовиков.

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