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A unique example of a small French castle that has been miraculously preserved, Crèvecœur has survived to this day, practically intact.

Built during the Middle Ages on low land in the heart of the Dives marshes, the castle of Crèvecoeur could be accessed via the Wee au roy' - the king's alley -which linked the towns of Caen and Lisieux. Surrounded by a moat, the castle’s original plan is intact in two areas. The lower courtyard which reunites half-timbered farm buildings dating from the 15th and 16th century: farm, dovecote, barn and 12th century chapel. In the upper courtyard, the 15th century residential manor house is protected by a 12th century wall. A garden of simples, a sheepfold, a baker’s and a potter’s oven complete the seigniorial estate.

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  • Château de Crèvecœur-en-Auge, Route de Caen, Notre-Dame-d'Estrées, Notre-Dame-d'Estrées-Corbon, Lisieux, Calvados, Normandie, Metropolitanes Frankreich, 14340, Frankreich
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