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From the 14th of June, Cordoaria Nacional will be home to the exhibition “Banksy: Genius or Vandal”, the first big exhibition in Portugal of the British iconoclast that revolutionized contemporary art and whose identity remains a mystery. The exhibition conceives an immersion into the mysterious universe created by Banksy and takes you on a unprecedented journey along 70 original art works provided by various international private collectors. Tickets go on sale Saturday, 20th of April at

BANKSY: Genius or Vandal? Takes us closer to the controversial artistic universe of one of the most influential creators in recent years, through different thematic areas and more than 70 creations that include original works, sculptures, installations, videos and photographs.

The pieces originated from private collections and with collaboration of Lilley Fine Art / Contemporary Art Gallery, are exhibited in Portugal for the first time.

An impressive audio installation created especially for this exhibition will welcome visitors, revealing clues of the mystery artist, highlighting his most important pieces framing his unusual career wrapped in controversy. Amongst his most popular work is an original serigraphy of the series “Girl with Balloon”, similar to the one destroyed by the artist in an unseen action at Sotheby's London auctioneer.

Genius or Vandal? The public decides.

Slippery, provocative, mysterious.... Banksy, the British artist whose identity is still unknown, is considered one of the main contemporary street art icons. His art, many times satirical, address universal issues such as politics, culture or ethics. The aura of mystery that, by choice and necessity, is perpetuated every time Banksy is mentioned, makes him the mythical figure of our time.

From asphalt trenches, Banksy has challenged the rules of the contemporary art game. His visual protest connected with a huge and heterogenous audience and today he is one of the most recognized and admired amongst younger generations.

In Alexander Nachkebiya words, exhibition curator: "Banksy acquired a status of a phenomenon and is one of the most brilliant and important artists of our time. His work is a challenge to the system, it is a protest, a very well-built brand, a mystery, a disobedience to law...

We want each visitor of this exhibition to be able to decide who Banksy is: a genius or a Hooligan? An artist or an entrepreneur? A provocateur or a rebel? Our exhibition has an objective, to show the depth of Banksy’s talent, his multiple layers and dimensions so that visitors think and decide. His work always current and complete, dives into our soul. I assume that for all these reasons that I consider him a genius”.

Organized by Everything is New in partnership with Sold Out, “Banksy: Genius or Vandal” arrives in Portugal after a unprecedent success in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Madrid, where it was visited by over 700.000 people. BANKSY. Genius or Vandal? Will be in exhibition between 14th of June and 27th of October. Tickets to the exhibition can be bought from the 20th of April from 10am at

This exhibition, as all that have previously been dedicated to Banksy, is not authorized by the artist, that continues to pursuit his anonymity and his independence from the system.

Alexander Nachkebiya, producer of the Exhibition: 

"Banksy is one of the brightest and most important Artists and even a phenomenon of our time. His work is a challenge to the system, it is a protest, it is an extremely well-built brand, it is a mystery, it is a violation of the law... according to our idea, every visitor of the Exhibition will be able to decide for himself: who is Banksy - a genius or a vandal, an artist or a businessman, a provocateur or a rebel? Our Exhibition also shows the breadth of Banksy’s talent - he is always multidimensional and makes visitors think and decide for themselves. His work is always topical, very comprehensive, and sinks into the soul of each of us – I guess all this makes him a genius to me.”

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  • Maria David

    5 out of 5 rating 10-13-2019

    Exposição muito bem enquadrada no tempo e por temas. A descrição áudio é muito elucidativa e ajuda muito o acompanhamento da exposição para os menos conhecedores deste tipo de arte, como eu.

  • miguel

    5 out of 5 rating 10-13-2019

    Adorei muito bem feito, contem alguma comédia, e também fica muito giro porque não se sabe quem ele é!!

  • Ana Abambred

    5 out of 5 rating 10-13-2019

    Gostei muito da exposição ; muito bem estruturada e permitiu-me um conhecimento alargado da obra

  • Mafalda

    5 out of 5 rating 10-12-2019

    A exposição estava excelente, muito bem feita

  • marcello dantas telepho

    5 out of 5 rating 10-10-2019

    Muito bem organizada, o aplicativo com as explicações das obras funciona perfeitamente. Nota 10!

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