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Ancient Polotsk has been the cradle of Belarusian Statehood, spirituality and culture. Located at the centre of Europe it has constantly got into the thick of cultural events. So the presence of the Art Gallery at its cultural horizon is at the same time a traditional and unique phenomenon.

The first known gallery was opened at Polotsk Jesuit College in 1788. Its collection included copies of paintings by Raphael Santi, Tiziano Vecellio, Peter Paul Rubens, paintings by Salvator Rosa, Simon Chekhovich, Ignatius Doroti, portraits painted in oils, ink and pencil.

At the beginning of the 21st century in 2002 the Art Gallery has once again opened its doors at the three stores of one of the former Jesuit College buildings. Today’s gallery exposition includes several thematic complexes that present religious and secular art of the 17th – 21st centuries.

All the objects of artistic value presented at the exposition form a diverse collection. Section of Belarusian iconography of the 17th-19th centuries includes the collection of copper cast plaster of the 19th century and archaeological objects of the 12th century. Unique Uniate icons from the iconostasis of Sophia Cathedral, presented at the section, give an idea of the diverse religious art of that time. Section of Belarusian fine art of the 20th century presents all kinds of visual arts through its development. Artistic environment of Vitebsk and Polotsk Districts is fully presented at the exposition.

A long-term work of Belarusian restorers in collaboration with Russian colleagues allowed to present fragments of mural paintings of the 18th-19th centuries from Saviour Transfiguration Church at the exposition. The exhibition demonstrates cultural uniqueness of the monument as well as inventions in the field of scientific restorations. Saviour Transfiguration Church was built in the 12th century, it belongs to Polotsk St. Euphrosyne Monastery.

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  • 4А, Стрелецкая улица, Нижний замок, Заполотье, Polazk, Rajon Polazk, Wizebskaja Woblasz, 211400, Weißrussland


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